Hotmail Email Login, Sign in to Hotmail

Sign in to Hotmail, an online web-based emailing service, to send and receive emails to your friends and colleagues. With secure and professional mailing speed is not inferior when you use your Gmail account.

Hotmail is an email sending and receiving service that is no stranger to users. However, at present, most users often sign up for gmail to send email and register many services on the internet.

Signing in to Hotmail is fairly easy, just like signing in to Outlook Mail because Hotmail and Outlook Mail are both Microsoft mail addresses. So the Hotmail registration as well as Outlook registration is the same.


Step 1: You access here.

Step 2: Enter your Hotmail account name and password -> Then select Sign In.

If you do not have an account, select Create Hotmail account (Refer to how to sign up for Hotmail to create your account)

Step 3: Here is the interface when your Hotmail login is successful.

Hotmail or Outlook Mail are both email accounts that help you use Microsoft services, so the interface of these two email services is the same.

Above we have just guided you how to log in your Hotmail account successfully on your computer. Good luck.