How to Add Alternate Addresses to Hotmail Account

Add an alternate address to a Microsoft account (Outlook / Hotmail) helps to secure your account better.

Adding an alternate email address will give you more ways to recover your password when you forget or lose it. And also make your account more secure.

How to Add Alternate Addresses to a Hotmail Account

STEP 1Login to hotmail account. Then access your Microsoft account using the link: Or from the Outlook / Hotmail mailbox, click on the top right corner avatar select View account.

STEP 2: In menu bar, select Security -> UPDATE INFO

STEP 3: Click “Add security info“. Then a popup window open, at the “Verify my identity with:” select An alternate email address.

STEP 4: Enter alternate email address, then click Next.

STEP 5: Microsoft will send you a code to that email address, you must enter the correct code to continue.

STEP 6: Finally, then enter code, click Next to complete. Good luck.

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