How to Change a Hotmail Account Password Fastest

Change Hotmail password is also change the Microsoft account password to help you keep your Hotmail account information private. Normally when registering for Hotmail, you have created a new password but changing Hotmail password regularly will give you a greater security.

Not only Hotmail account, with other email services such as Gmail or Yahoo mail when in use, users must change Gmail password or Yahoo mail password regularly to protect their accounts. If the password is kept for a long time, it will be stolen very easy, and your information will be exposed.

If you use Yahoo, the way to change Yahoo password will be easy, if you want to change Hotmail password, it won’t be too difficult. Refering to how to change the Hotmail password below of to know how.

Change Hotmail password, change Hotmail account password.

Step 1: Log in Hotmail on your computer.

At the interface of Hotmail mailbox -> choose the icon -> choose View Account.

Step 2: You will be redirected to a new tab of Chrome browser (if you use Chrome browser)

Here, you choose Change password

Then, you must log in your Hotmail account again.

Step 3: The interface of changing Hotmail password appears, you enter your old password -> choose new password->Reenter password and choose Save

You can tick the line Make me change my password every 72 days: This will help the system notify you of changing password after 72 days from the date of changing the new password.

After notification “Your password was changed on …” you have changed Hotmail password successfully.

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