Create Group in Hotmail, Create Email Group in Hotmail

Creating group in Hotmail helps you easily to manage email addresses in your Hotmail directory. Beside, it’s convenient for sending in bulk as well as avoiding unforeseen mistakes. Let’s along track the following article of to create email group in Hotmail.

Creating group in Hotmail likes creating group in Gmail mainly helps user manage, clearly divide the email addresses in your directory into different groups for easy sending and receiving mail.

Not just Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo, you easily create group in Outlook – the quite popular email service nowadays. Follow the steps below, you easily create yourself a group of mail directory in Hotmail.

Create Group in Hotmail, Create Email Group in Hotmail

Step 1: Log in Hotmail

Firstly, you must log in your Hotmail account ( if you don’t have Hotmail account, refer to how to create Hotmail account that guided) then choose the icon likes image -> Choose People

Step 2. Click the down arrow icon next to New contact and select New contact list.

Step 3. Enter a Contact list name. Enter a name or an email address of the person you want to add to the contact list. You can add how many members as you want. Then, you can enter a description for the group or not (optional).

Step 4. Finally, select Create to create the group.

You have created group in Hotmail successfully.

After creating the group, your email contacts in Hotmail will be much neater. To edit a group or delete the group you just created by selecting Group => Then select the Edit tool or Delete group…

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