Hotmail Sign Up

Create a Hotmail account with just a few simple steps, you will own a mailbox Microsoft security features very high, it is the same as other Email accounts such as Google or Yahoo. Registering a Hotmail account is free and easy.

Hotmail is a great service to receive and send emails instantly. With your Hotmail account you can use all Microsoft services like Xbox LIVEOneDrive and other Microsoft services.

Hotmail Sign up

Guide to creating a Hotmail account

Step 1: Visit the Hotmail website:

There you will have 2 options to sign in, or sign up with Windows Live and Hotmail. If you already have a Hotmail account, all you have to do is login. If you do not have a Hotmail account, click on the Create account button.

Click Create account button

Step 2Choose your username and password.

Create your username. Enter the username you want to use, and make sure it is not already in use.

Note: You can use your existing email address if you want (Gmail or Yahoo Mail, …), but you can also use the new email address by selecting Get a new email address. Then enter the account name, select email type is or

Also, if you don’t want to use your email address and want to use your phone number to sign up, select Use a phone number instead. Then select the country where you live and enter the phone number you are using.

Create a password. Use at least 8 characters, case sensitive and number for maximum security. To create a strong password, use all 16 characters and include at least one capital letter, as well as a number and special characters.

Step 3: Enter your first and last name. Select “Next“.

Enter FirstName and LastName

Step 4: Select your country and date of birth. Select the country where you live (United States) and choose your birth date.

Step 5: Verify your account. At this point, Hotmail will send you a verification email if you register via email, or send a verification code to your phone number if you register by phone.

The verification code is 4 digits, enter the verification code and click “Next“.

Enter the verification code

Step 6: Make sure you are NOT a robot. In this step, Hotmail will ask you to enter a Captcha code to verify that you aren’t a robot. You have to enter exactly what you see, if not clearly, select New to get the new code or select Audio to hear that code.

Make sure a real person is creating this account

Step 7: Customize the display interface. So you have finished registering Hotmail account, there will be a Hotmail welcome popup appear.

Here you can choose the LanguageTime zoneColorWallpaper with over 50 themes and different display options.

Select your Language and Time zone.

Select Wallpaper and Themes

Finally, you can edit signaturescreate signatures in Hotmail, help you show professionalism in sending emails on your Hotmail account. You can use Hotmail signatures as text or images to introduce yourself as well as contact information so that recipients know more about you.

Add your signature

You have created your hotmail account, to access hotmail you go to and log in hotmail account name and password just created. After logging in you can go to Basic info to view the account information, or can edit personal information.

Good luck.

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