How to Recover Hotmail Account Password

If you accidentally lose your Hotmail account password, which contains a lot of important contact information, you can use the following methods to retrieve your account.

Method 1. Get back your account when you still remember the information about the alternate email address provided at registration.

First you visit the address In the interface that appears on the screen, choose the method to recover your account such as:

I forgot my password: forgot my password.

I know my password and Windows Live ID, but can’t sign in: know the password and username but can’t login.

I think someone else is using my Windows Live ID: I suspect my account has been hacked.

After selecting, click on the “reset your password” link right below, enter your account name in the Windows Live ID field, enter the verification code in the Characters box, and click Next. Select Email me a reset link.

Password recovery link will be sent via the alternate email you provided when you registered, click on the link in it to set a new password and log in your regular mailbox.

Method 2: Recover passwords saved in Windows Live Messenger / Windows Live Mail applications.

If you use the Windows Live Messenger software utility or Windows Live Mail and have used the password memo function, you can use free tools like Mail Pass View or Messenger Pass View. These are two very easy to use and powerful utilities to help you recover your password for your account easily.

Method 3: Recovers passwords when only basic information is remembered.

If you cannot recover your password in the above two ways and cannot remember the security questions, you can still use the help of Windows Live to recover the password. First you visit the address On the interface that appears, click Continue twice.

Step 1: You enter a contactable email address in the blank box in the Contact email address section, then click Continue.

Step 2: Enter the ID of your Hotmail or Windows Live account and click Continue.

Step 3: In the next step, you are required to complete personal information when registering for an account. You enter the full name (Full name), date of birth (date of birth), country (Country), … The information in the star fields is required. If you do not remember all this information you just need to fill out I don’t remember. If you use a desktop computer and have used it to access your lost mailbox, this is valuable information to help you regain your account. You visit to determine the computer’s IP address and enter this number in the your IP Address box. For Hotmail accounts, you can enter the names of your friends in the contacts, the titles of some emails you have received, etc. For the Live Messenger account, enter your nickname and a number of friends to contact. The more information provided, the faster you will regain your account. Finished click Continue and wait for the process of searching and confirming information.

Step 4: You write the provided PIN and tick the Checking this box verifies that you have written down your PIN … Done clicking the Private Forum button. Enter the PIN and press the Submit button.

Microsoft will check and if the information you provide is correct, your account password will be emailed to you after about 24 hours. If after 24 hours you still have not received your account, you can access the email address registered in step 1 and click on the link in there to go to the Private Forum page and discuss directly with a Microsoft representative to regain account.

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